Image, Report, & Audit Tools

Imaging & Linking: Image and file linking are incorporated throughout the entire suite of applications to provide instant access to important documents, receipts and images.

  • Transaction & Workflow Images
  • Master File Images - All Asset Types
  • File Linking - Excel, Word, Email, .png, .tif, etc.
  • Image Inquiry Available Throughout

Report Writer & Query Builder: Enertia’s Flexible Business Structure (FBS) powers Business Intelligence tools that extend the inquiry, analysis and reporting functionality to the requirements of diverse management teams.

  • Graphical Query Builder Interface
  • Intuitive Report Formatting Tools
  • MS Excel & Access Add-in Features
  • MS Outlook / Exchange Support for Email Distribution
  • Scheduler - Report Printing & Email Distribution

Security, Audit & Incident Tracking: Enertia Software has fully integrated Audit functionality throughout the entire suite of applications providing for SOX support and data change notification and tracking Workflow automation based on data driven incident setup.

  • Microsoft SQL Server Integrated OS Security
  • Role Based Security
  • Table & Column Audit - Adds, Edits & Deletes
  • Workflow Alerts - Based on Audits
  • Audit Inquiry & Reporting

Microsoft Office Integration

  • Seamless Integration to Microsoft Office Suite


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