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Experienced Leadership

Enertia's leadership encompasses hands-on experience & industry longevity...


For over 40 years, Enertia Software has continuously evolved & drove the development of our organization & our application. This charge is encouraged & nurtured by our extensive leadership team & their desire to keep Enertia at the forefront of technology. 


Vincent Dawkins, President & CEO

Vince worked with industry leading organizations influencing engineering, IT & enterprise resource planning solutions. In 2008, Vince joined Enertia Software as a senior business analyst where he contributed to the design, development, & implementation of an enterprise application for upstream oil & gas producers. LinkedInTwitter


Nic Burtea, Chief Technology Officer

Nic started working as a software developer for Enertia where he contributed to the design, development, & implementation. Since 2008, Nic has lead as CTO & has been instrumental in guiding the growth & development of Enertia's application. LinkedIn 


Kala D. Schmidt, Chairman 

Kala began her career at Enertia as a Business Analyst & excelled to Director, Corporate Secretary & Senior Vice President of Support Operations. Since Enertia's formation, Kala continues to mentor her team & remains passionately involved in the evolution & development of Enertia. LinkedIn 

Dawn Edwards, Vice President

Dawn has been with Enertia since 2005 & as Vice President of Support Solutions, oversees the customer solutions team. Dawn's primary focus is to deliver a positive & effective experiences to all Enertia customers. Dawn has over 30+ years experience in the upstream oil & gas industry with specialization in revenue, oil & gas accounting, & financial analysis. LinkedIn

Julian Alvarez, Vice President

Julian joined Enertia in 2008 & has combined experience in project management, software implementation, & business consulting. Julian's primary focus is the nurturing & development of partnership opportunities with new & existing customers. Julian oversees Enertia's Customer Engagement & Project Management departments with focus on customer success. LinkedIn

Josh Waggoner, CFO & Treasurer

Josh has over 20 years of experience in oil & gas, along with its peripheral industries. Josh began working with Enertia Software in 2003 & has served as Enertia’s Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer since November 2015. Josh is a licensed certified public accountant. LinkedIn